creative wedding florist kent


I celebrate the beauty in the imperfect and wonky. You can catch me having moments of pure joy when working just like the cone smuggling tomboy of my youth when a curve of a stem is just so awkward it’s just so damn right.

To me each flower, leaf and stem needs to have the opportunity to flaunt itself, as if historically documented in a Dutch Masters oil.

Though eternally conscious of using locally grown/British produce, my conscience is eased to know that the roses I purchase from Ecuador are supporting communities and helping build a future for local families through the Ecuadorian flower farms and their fair and transparent trading.

The one thing I do struggle with is the use of floral foam, but that is sometimes a necessary evil….although my engineering brain will always attempt to fathom out an option to avoid it , or at the very least use the smallest amount possible. All green waste is composted and everything that can be recycled, up cycled and reused is so. Dyes and diamantes are not in my repertoire.