creative florist kentPortrait by Naomi Kenton


It’s been a torrid love affair comparable to those straight out of the pages of classic novels that I’ve had since day one with all things flora and fauna.

There’s just this unfathomable call to me from Mother Nature like Cathy to Heathcliff and I must confess that I am completely head over heels with all things botany based.

It all started with a habit I acquired when small that has seen to every pocket I’ve ever owned to contain some form of botanical flotsam and jetsam.

No family outing was free from my desire to collect twigs, cones, leaves… anything I found wondrous and plant based to be carried upon my person.

I’m still to this day a habitué hoarder of horticulture and often seen with bulging pockets. All wide-eyed back when small and still at times today when I discover an odd looking lichen-­ bearded twig.

With such an unbounded appreciation of plants and flowers just imagine my wonderment upon discovering the possibilities of a flower filled career back in 2003.

Bloomingayles - creative and artistic floral designer and wedding florist, Sevenoaks Kent - Philosophy

Of course it was almost preordained and thus my pockets have bulged on a daily basis since. With an artistic education prior to this perfect job of mine I’ve inherited a confidence to play with colour and texture, and my thirst to learn more has chiselled a winding path through a myriad of diverse jobs in the flower industry to supply me with knowledge and connections in the trade that I’m proud of.

To work with flowers seems natural to me, it’s something that stirs an excitement and yet calms my soul.

I’m a bee lover, fern fanatic and a foliage enthusiast….to awaken all the senses with my creations is my goal.